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Universal Cells creates stem cells that are compatible with everyone.

No immune suppression. No donor matching. No rejection. 

Universal Donor Cells Universal Cells has created a suite of tools to generate Universal Donor Cells to be used in allogeneic transplantation without the need for HLA matching. Read More
Single Chain HLA Vectors Universal Donor Cells don't express any HLA class I alleles, and can be further engineered to express customized class I genes as single chain fusion proteins. For example, cells that express the non-polymorphic HLA-E protein will resist lysis by Natural Killer cells. Read More
Custom Genome Editing We enable our customers to access full control of the stem cell genome by providing custom rAAV vectors optimized for pluripotent stem cell delivery. Read More

Universal donor cells for regenerative medicine


The potential application for stem cells in regenerative medicine is enormous; however, the transplanted cells need to be donor matched in order to avoid rejection by the host immune system.

Immune rejection is mediated by major histocompatibility genes, and ensuring that these genes match is the central tenet of successful organ transplantation.

Universal Cells uses genetic engineering to manipulate  histocompatibility genes and create non-immunogenic stem cells that can be used for therapeutic applications.

We have developed proprietary technology that enables the immune evasion of transplantable stem cells by eliminating and/or customizing HLA gene expression, thus allowing researchers and companies to work with a histocompatible, allogeneic, off-the-shelf stem cell product for the regenerative medicine market.

Our patented technology is based on recombinant adeno-associated virus (AAV)-mediated gene targeting, which offers high accuracy and safety, and the best vehicle available for cellular delivery.