Our Work

Universal Cells supports several Teams and Programs in our efforts to create a wide range of safe and effective PSC-derived cell therapies.

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    Gene Editing

    We are always improving our unique, rAAV-mediated gene editing technology to make it faster, more efficient, and more versatile, without creating any chromosomal DNA breaks.

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    Suicide Genes

    We strive to create the safest possible cell therapy products by developing multiple effective suicide gene systems and incorporating them into Universal Donor PSCs.

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    Enhancing Cell Therapy

    Additional gene editing steps are being developed with the goal of improving the function, differentiation, and safety of next generation cell therapy products.

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    We continue to improve our clinical-grade gene editing platform to make it more reliable, robust, and streamlined, while maintaining compatibility with all regulatory requirements.

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    Our team is focused on the rapid and accurate determination of editing sequence changes, genomic integrity, and cell phenotyping to provide a thorough characterization of edited cells.

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    Therapeutic Programs

    Universal Cells is developing its own internal therapeutic programs based on differentiation into hematopoietic cell types, in addition to those supported through partnerships.

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    UDC Technology

    The immune system is complex, so we are designing improved universal donor cells that utilize novel immune evasion strategies with the goal of using the same cell line in a wide range of patients.

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    HLA Engineering

    Our goal is total control of HLA antigen presentation, with broad implications for immuno-oncology as well as the treatment of autoimmune disorders, allergies, and infectious diseases.

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    Genomic Analysis

    We intend to set the standard in this rapidly evolving aspect of cell therapy by ensuring our products lack unwanted mutations through our own state-of-the-art bioinformatics pipeline.

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    Vector Production

    We prepare our own plasmids and viral vectors on site for use in research and clinical grade manufacturing, based on many years of experience with the rAAV gene editing platform.

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    Quality & Regulatory

    We are committed to following the highest manufacturing and documentation standards in order to prepare products appropriately for clinical trials and eventual regulatory approvals across the world.

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    Our administrative and facilities employees work closely with executives, scientists, and technicians at Universal Cells to create a productive and enjoyable work environment.